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In August of 2014, ENTREC was tasked with transporting an extremly large “Flash Stripper” vessel from Edmonton, AB to Fort McKay, AB, a more than 500km journey with an overall load length of 174 feet!

The load’s un-equal weight distribution required different trailer configurations under each saddle, and the massive overall length required a “Double Bunk” set-up. Two separate trailers were used with rotating bunks to link both trailers, while still allowing them to steer independently, and handle the varying terrain as tight corners, and uneven road surfaces were navigated.
This kind of challenge was right up our alley, and required an extensive team of logistics, engineering operating and safety staff. Driving through the middle of the night, for four nights, ENTREC safely delivered the 325,000lb vessel to the plant safely, on-time, and on budget, and with full customer satisfaction!

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