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ENTREC was contracted to relocate a series of large transformers from several different sites throuhgout Southern Alberta to final destinations in Brooks and Langdon, AB.  More than just a simple drive, many logistics comlicated the job from loading and unloading to route planning in the harsh wether conditions of Alberta highways in December.

ENTREC’s team employed Jack and Slide techniques, SPMT’s and Hydraulic Platform Trailers The fully dressed loads weighed over 1,000,000 lbs and the projected was planned to span from December 2013 to July of 2014.

ENTREC’s experienced team of load engineers and operators devised a plan to safely transport every load on time, on budget and un damaged despite travelling through 3 seasons worth of inclement weather including blizzards, torrential rain and soft mud.

Notable Stats


lbs of cargo


Months Total Job Time

22-Line 4-File

Hydraulic Platform Trailer

12-line 4-File