At ENTREC our people are our most valued assets. We empower each employee to take the appropriate action to ensure our core values remain our number one focus as we reach new heights.

ENTREC is committed to maintaining public and employee health and safety and protecting the environment throughout our operations. We believe that all occupational injury, illness, property and environmental damage are preventable and through proactive management of risk and at risk behaviour, injury and loss can be eliminated from our organization.

ENTREC is growing a Worker – Focused Safety & Training Culture that is simple, engaging and integrated. Below you can see ENTREC’s worker-centred safety process. The process is a simple 4 step/4 skill model built around getting everyone to recognize that safety depends on four basic steps, regardless of the job type and work setting, and rests on four basic skills.safety

The Four Steps Are:

Maintain a safe work area

Safety begins by making sure the work area, including equipment and tools, is under control and that everyone is safe before they begin work.

Create a safe work plan

The work to be carried out and the equipment are evaluated to identify and then avoid or minimize hazards.

Keep it safe

If any new factor are introduced while the job is underway, the worker should stop, evaluate potential new hazards and re-evaluate the work plan before continuing.

Leave it safe

Equipment, loads and/or work areas must be left in safe condition for the next crew. If something is broken or if there’s a mess to clean up, the current crew must deal with it so that the next crew does not arrive to a hazardous situation.

The Four Needed Skill-Sets Are:


Employees must know what the hazards are. Managers will teach them to identify the hazards they are exposed to, including imparting the skills to conduct inspections and understand what they are seeing.


Training provides understanding and the awareness needed to control each hazard.


People are accountable not only for their own safe work practices, but for each other’s safety and for everything they encounter on the job site. A key principle is that no employee should ever walk past a hazard without reporting or taking action. This is backed by training for productive provision of feedback and respectful interaction so that areas needing improvement are addressed.

Managing influences

The environment on project sites varies greatly, often with multiple service providers working simultaneously. This creates varying influences on ENTREC employees that affect hazard levels and how these are addressed. ENTREC training emphasizes that employees must never lose their focus on safety or be influenced into cutting corners.

ENTREC’s conceptually simple, employee-focused approach differs from the “management system” focus of many large companies. These tend to be complex, process-heavy and focused on compliance. In our view, this can weaken employee engagement by leading to a mindset of simply learning and following rules, and completing paperwork. We believe employees deserve a simple, focused, defined process that encourages them to be motivated and engaged – helping them become the drivers of safety. The Company’s reporting and compliance systems are state-of-the-art – but they function in the background.