ENTREC’s team of owners provide all the man and machine power that you need in order to get your rig on the road and then back in the ground; minimizing down time and maximizing safety.

At ENTREC we understand that every moment your rig isn’t active, it isn’t making you money. Fortunately our crews are armed not only with state of the art equipment to handle almost any load, but also with extensive experience moving rigs throughout North America both safely and efficiently.

Our industry leading fleet means that we can mobilize any piece of equipment for your move including cranes, pickers, oversized trailers, SPMT units along with the manpower to get the job done.

ENTREC provides rig moving services throughout:

  • Western Canada,
  • North Dakota
  • Texas

Case Studies


September 10, 2016

ENTREC was contracted to relocate a series of large transformers from several different sites throuhgout Southern Alberta to final destinations […]

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In August of 2014, ENTREC was tasked with transporting an extremly large “Flash Stripper” vessel from Edmonton, AB to Fort […]

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