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In February of 2015, ENTREC was tasked to do something that had never been done before: transport a fully assembled 36” dredge from one location to another on a large industrial site in Ft McMurray.  This monumental task included moving the dredge with ladder, a-frame and cutting head all intact.

Our approach was to ensure a safe move of the massive dredge without any dissasembly or damage to the unti, and with as little environmental impact as possible – in the dead of winter! Our engineering team got creative, developing a unique system of matting to ensure just that.  Our fleet of modern SPMT untis were linked 30-file in order to complete the move.

ENTREC was able to provide a safe and efficient move of this massive machine in just 7 days.  When faced with complex tasks such as this, ENTREC’s experienced team shines with thoughtful planning and calculations as well as second-to-none operating staff.

Notable Stats

1,300,000 Lb

Load Weight

174 ft x 37 ft

Load Dimensions


SPMT Units


First Time Monumental Move!