ENTREC Engineering Ltd. was established to provide engineering design, NDT inspection services, repair procedures and drafting services for crane and transportation services. We have a highly-skilled and committed staff of engineers and engineering technologists who have an abundance industry-specific experience.

Our professional staff are members in good standing in APEGA, APEGBC, APEGS and APEGM and are certified to practice in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Typical uses include:
  • Engineered Lift Studies: provide our Customers with 3-D CAD drawings showing crane positioning, clearances, radii, rigging, ground bearing pressures and lift procedures; safe, accurate lift information that meets all requirements and standards.
  • Design of Below the Hook Lifting Devices: custom to suit our Customer’s needs including spreader bars, material baskets, man baskets, lifting lugs, cladding tools, and any other need designed in accordance with ASME BTH-1-2011.
  • Engineered Structural Erection and Disassembly Plans: full and detailed structural erection drawings and sequencing procedures.
  • Custom Design Services: fully detailed designs for supports and other equipment for our Customers’ needs – be they lifting, transport, or laydown.
  • Compression Load Cell Weighing: we own the only wireless load cell system in North America that can calculate loads per cell and Center of Gravity; this assists us for reporting to the Government of Infrastructure and supporting the lifting cranes at site.
  • Center of Gravity Reports: includes full back-up information to assist in verification of centroid calculations and on-site action.
  • NDT Inspection and Repair Procedures: we are CGSB qualified in magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspection, and can also furnish repair procedures if required.
  • Specialized Solutions: solutions for the movement of equipment in difficult-to-access locations or when cranes are not feasible because of excessive weight of payload; ENTREC can provide execution in terms of jack-and-slide services.
  • Project & Logistical Management including on site transportation solutions
  • Route and Feasibility Studies: detailed reports ensuring that their cargo can be safely transported prior to their engineering and design from the manufacturer; ENTREC has significant experience in working with all provinces in Canada and States in ensuring that shipments are feasible.
  • Liaison Support: we will work in support of our Customers, with their chosen manufacturer, to assist in preliminary design – including dimensions and weight support, lifting and movement other than transport at site.
  • Technical Logistics Support: we routinely work with our internal Project Management and Safety personnel to ensure efficient and safe operations – since oversized equipment places stress on the surrounding infrastructure as it moves; detailed consideration of relevant roadways, bridges, traffic lights, electrical high lines, cables, signage and public safety is critically important to success.
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